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Turning clicks into purchases and casual browsing into booming sales with precise ads.

GT Mediex Design | Digital Marketing Agency | Naples Florida

At GT Mediex Design, where we craft attention-grabbing ad campaigns to elevate your brand across the top three platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and your website.






Our process goes beyond simply grabbing attention. We seamlessly funnel leads into a custom-made CRM system, where we work our magic. We'll program automations tailored to your business needs, setting up the correct pipelines and workflows to optimize your sales process.

Now, you might be thinking, "Did they just spill the secret sauce?" Not quite. This is just the beginning.

Contact us today for more information on how to correctly run an ad campaign and unlock the full potential of your digital presence. Let's elevate your brand together.

GT Mediex Design | Digital Marketing Agency | Naples Florida


Content Creation:


We kickstart the campaign by crafting captivating content, including graphics, eye-catching photos, and engaging videos tailored to your brand's message.

Ad Campaign Setup:


Unlike merely boosting a post, we meticulously construct professional ad set campaigns across various social platforms. Our approach includes A/B testing and variations to pinpoint the most effective strategies for capturing attention and driving results.

Landing Page Creation:


To ensure effective data gathering and establish a robust backend platform, we develop a dedicated landing page. This serves as a hub for collecting valuable insights and optimizing campaign performance.

CRM System



All leads generated from your campaign are seamlessly directed to a Custom Built CRM system. Here, we tailor pipelines according to the specific ad being promoted each month and implement automations to streamline your customer service efforts.


Proactive Lead Management:

We emphasize that a lead is not synonymous with a sale. Our team ensures swift action on every lead, leveraging CRM automation to prevent any from going cold. Your sales or customer service team must be primed to convert hot leads into sales.

Preparation is Key

While we excel at creating attention for your business, it's essential to be prepared for the influx of leads. Our Build Outs are designed to drive leads your way, so readiness is paramount. Rest assured, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Did You Know About Our Lead Conversion Service?

Elevate your lead management with our Lead Conversion Service. Our dedicated team member specializes in converting leads into bookings and sales, ensuring maximum return on your ad investment.

GT Mediex Design | Digital Marketing Agency | Naples Florida

Remember, success in digital advertising requires proactive engagement and strategic execution. Let's collaborate to maximize your campaign's potential and drive tangible results for your business.

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