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At GT Mediex Design, our mission can be distilled to a straightforward goal "MARKETING THAT WORKS"

Our objective revolves around assisting clients in enhancing their online visibility. We achieve this by providing meticulous guidance through each phase of establishing a robust online presence and making astute decisions regarding marketing investments. With our dedicated team, clients can unlock their complete potential.


GT Mediex Design | Gonzalo Torres-Giusti | Johanna Torres

GT Mediex Design, founded by Gonzalo Torres-Giusti and Johanna Torres, is a prominent digital marketing enterprise headquartered in Naples, Florida. Gonzalo's early exposure to entrepreneurship in his family fueled his passion for effective business leadership, shaped by his parents' commitment to customer and employee well-being—a guiding principle in every venture he undertakes.

In 2011, Gonzalo and Johanna collaborated to establish GT Mediex Design in Naples, merging their individual expertise to offer clients a refined online presence. With Gonzalo's extensive knowledge spanning finance, digital marketing, graphic design, culinary pursuits, media, and administration, the foundation of GT Mediex Design is firmly rooted in commerce.

Johanna Torres contributes over 15 years of expertise in property management, marketing, and accounting to GT Mediex Design. Her marketing skills empower clients to build brands and devise effective strategies for sales and revenue growth, playing a crucial role in establishing the company as a prominent digital marketing establishment in Naples, Florida.

Working alongside Gonzalo, Johanna has realized clients' business aspirations by creating sophisticated online presences that engage customers and drive commercial advancement. The harmonization of their complementary skills and unwavering dedication to customer care solidify GT Mediex Design as a trusted partner for businesses seeking a strong online presence and enduring prosperity.

Gonzalo and Johanna own multiple businesses in the digital space, fostering synergy among them to provide clients with diverse platforms for enhancing online presence and driving sales. This strategic approach leverages the strengths of each business, offering clients comprehensive solutions tailored to their unique needs. The collaborative efforts across their various enterprises contribute to GT Mediex Design's overall success and growth, establishing it as a dynamic player in the digital marketing landscape.


Specializing in the realms of digital marketing and graphic design, GT Mediex Design showcases an expertise that encapsulates the essence of promoting businesses. Through our extensive network of pages and partnerships, we curate an orchestration of attention for our clients' enterprises, connecting with a vast multitude of followers and igniting the essential spotlight for perpetual growth and amplified sales generation. Our primary objective revolves around crafting and nurturing our clients' online personas, ensuring a robust presence and the indispensable exposure they require in the virtual realm.

As we progress, we continually refine our methodologies, investing resources in cutting-edge tools and assets that empower our digital marketing associates to provide unparalleled services.

Recognized as a trailblazer in the digital marketing arena, GT Mediex Design has maintained its position since 2011. Across diverse industries, we have served as the catalyst propelling numerous local businesses toward optimizing their online revenue by weaving intricate, growth-centric digital marketing strategies. Our clientele follows a clear trajectory to success as we vigilantly track the pulse of contemporary trends and innovations, navigate an array of marketing maneuvers, and validate their efficacy through our in-house campaigns—all in pursuit of pinpointing the optimal strategies that yield superlative outcomes.

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