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At GT Mediex Design, our mission can be distilled to a straightforward goal "MARKETING THAT WORKS"

Our objective revolves around assisting clients in enhancing their online visibility. We achieve this by providing meticulous guidance through each phase of establishing a robust online presence and making astute decisions regarding marketing investments. With our dedicated team, clients can unlock their complete potential.


GT Mediex Design | Gonzalo Torres-Giusti | Johanna Torres

GT Mediex Design, founded by Gonzalo Torres-Giusti and his wife Johanna Torres, stands as a prominent digital marketing enterprise headquartered in Naples, Florida. Gonzalo's formative years within an entrepreneurial family context nurtured his fervor for business leadership, drawing inspiration from his parents' unwavering dedication to customer and employee welfare. This ethos permeates each entrepreneurial venture he initiates.

In the year 2011, Gonzalo and Johanna embarked on the establishment of GT Mediex Design in Naples, Florida, synergizing their individual proficiencies to furnish patrons with a polished online presence. Equipped with extensive acumen spanning finance, digital marketing, graphic design, culinary pursuits, media, and administration, Gonzalo boasts a substantial foundation in commerce.

Johanna Torres contributes over 15 years of adeptness in property management, marketing, and accounting to the fabric of GT Mediex Design. Her marketing prowess has been instrumental in empowering clientele to construct their brands and devise efficacious marketing blueprints that propel sales and revenue expansion. Johanna's contributions play an instrumental role in anchoring GT Mediex Design's status as a preeminent digital marketing establishment in Naples, Florida.


Concurrently partnered with Gonzalo, she has facilitated the realization of countless clienteles' business aspirations by formulating a sophisticated online presence that not only engrosses customers but also propels commercial advancement. The harmonization of their complementary competencies and resolute dedication to customer care has cemented GT Mediex Design's position as a reliable confederate for enterprises aspiring to forge a robust online imprint and attain enduring prosperity.


Specializing in digital marketing and graphic design, GT Mediex Design boasts an expertise that captures the essence of business promotion. Through our extensive network of pages and partnerships, we orchestrate a symphony of attention for our clients' enterprises, reaching a vast multitude of followers and igniting the necessary spotlight essential for perpetual growth and amplified sales generation. Our paramount goal revolves around sculpting and nurturing our clients' online personas, ensuring a robust presence and the indispensable exposure they demand in the virtual realm.

With our progression, we relentlessly refine our methodologies, channeling resources into cutting-edge tools and assets that empower our digital marketing associates with unparalleled services.

Recognized as a vanguard within the digital marketing arena, GT Mediex Design has held its position since 2011. Across diverse industries, we have been the catalyst propelling numerous local businesses towards optimizing their online revenue by weaving intricate growth-centric digital marketing stratagems. Our clientele is guided by a lucid trajectory to triumph, as we vigilantly track the pulse of contemporary trends and innovations, navigate an array of marketing maneuvers, and validate their efficacy through our in-house campaigns, all in pursuit of pinpointing the optimal strategies that yield superlative outcomes.

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